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Friday, October 3, 2014

Bow Tension, Force, & Acceleration

The tension of a bow string provides the force which propels arrows long distances. The bow string acts as a spring, with properties which can be analyzed in a method similar to classical physics experiments.

The graph below (Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved), excerpted from the book series Gravity, Springs, & Collisions: Graphs from Classical Physics Experiments from Schottenbauer Publishing, shows an experiment which has physical properties very similar to a pull on a bow string.

Discussion Questions
  1. What is the maximum force on the spring during each of the 3 pulls?
  2. In what direction(s) do the wireless device accelerate?
  3. If a bow string were to possess the same tension as this spring, what would be the resulting acceleration of an arrow with 0.03 kg mass? Calculate the acceleration for each of the maximum forces above.
  4. How is this experiment similar to the pull on a bow string? How is it different?

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